Thursday, June 3, 2010

Portfolio site advice?

Soooo looks like I might have some free time in June...

(Anyone need a freelance Story artist/animator/character designer? Anyone?) ;)

...and I thought I'd take the opportunity to redo/update my poor neglected portfolio site.

I NEED OPINIONS! I'm not quite sure what to do, if I should just scrap the layout entirely and make it simpler, or to keep it the way it is. Is there anything content-wise I should have more of? Less of? Get rid of? I never know what to do with this stuff...but I do want to start sending it around to places so I feel it needs some polishing...cause I'd like to, ya know, get work. ;)

1 comment:

Fawn said...

It's a little hard to get to each page quickly on your site.

I divide my work into storyboard, drawing port, and animation. Oh, and a link to a blog. I couldn't make my personal site public anymore though coz a lot of stuff aren't coming out yet.

I think it's probably best to make a simple site so people can look at your work in the category they want to hire you for.