Thursday, May 27, 2010

The name game!

OK, so names...I think I should name these guys so that I can refer to them without being confusing. I think that the girl's name will be Temperance Annalise Butterworth (named for one of Matthew's ancient ancestors), or "Tansy" for short.

Her Griffin pal I'm still debating...which would be a better name for a teenage griffin that likes to read books about pirates? So far I can't decide between Duncan or William. Duncan seems kind of expected to me for some reason, William I like because Matthew and I have been doing a lot of genealogy research lately and in both of our families, William seems to be the most common name through out history, and I thought it would be funny to give a rare magical creature a common name.

I think I'd like to call the lil baby griffin Diana, or Dinah (for Alice's cat).

Thoughts? ;)


Fawn said...

My vote is for William. It sounds really cool and smart(probably because I just read a book about William of Ockham, so I'm a little obsessed.) Really cool drawings. Are you making it into a children book?

lbergholm said...

I'm leaning towards William too I think..I feel somewhere out there there are a lot of Griffins named Duncan anyway ;) Plus this Ockham man seems very interesting! xD

I have been playing with the idea of writing a comic for kids featuring these guys, I've just been trying to get a more solid story idea together and random doodling tends to help that ;) I've always thought about writing a lil comic, but I've never done one before...