Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sizing up

Just some size comparison of Gryff gal and her pal..

Methink I should start playing with color more...this blog is looking very monotone...


Ryan Green said...

Very nice. You make me want to draw griffins.

What do you intend this project to become in the end? An online comic? An illustrated book? An animated short? All of the above?

lbergholm said...

Aw thanks Ryan!! YES DRAW SOME!!! :DD They'd be very cute in bunny ears.. ;)

I suppose at the moment I'm picturing this as a comic, but I'm still in the process of comming up with a "story" thats interesting and engaging and more exciting then just the two of them reading together...it is proving more difficult then I thought!

BTW! I meant to ask you, what program do you use for your faaabulous doodles? I love the line quality your getting!